marți, 29 septembrie 2009


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Surtess spunea...

Superb photos!


foarte faine, a doua e superba

Miss Blümchen spunea...


Thalita Souza spunea...

Adoreiii as fotos ,e o blog também .

Jesús Bravo spunea...

Me gustan muchos tus fotos. A veces me recuerdan cuadros.

I like your photos very much.

Jesús Bravo spunea...

Me gustan mucho tus fotos.
I like your photos very much

Anonim spunea...

Your photography is stunning ...
Love and light

Marguerite spunea...

Hi Radu, Your blog and photos are fabulous! Thank you for visiting my blog and for adding me as a friend.

Sunny spunea...

Fabulous photos!
Sunny :)

Edzia:) spunea...

I just love your photoes! The way you catch the sunlight and water-movement is quite tempting. It makes me picture the summer-time and all of its precious moments... so mind that a camera in your hand is a really powerful tool. Thanks and take care:)

▓ Just▓ Me▓ spunea...

Interesante :]

arunca un ochi ... sau doi... si pe blogul meu, cand ai timp. ^^ (daca ii arunci pe amandoi, sa recuperezi macar unul)

Sabine spunea...

Your photos are always sooo stunning! I really love your blog!


Kraxpelax spunea...

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Anonim spunea...


Very beautiful your photos.
I obtain to perceive its sensitivity with the nature.

I will be following its Blog.


Florentina spunea...

Fara cuvinte!

elfik spunea...

Magnifique photos !!!!!!!!! Bravo

Petru spunea...

Detaliile fac diferenta

Albinuta' s blog spunea...

sunt superbe fotografiile.Se vede ca esti pasionat, dar si bun...

kyungmee spunea...

nice concept..I really like the image!